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Trish Cole

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  • Where you were born and where you live now? 

    • I was born in Tunica, MS.  I currently live in Southaven, MS. 

    Years in the industry?

    • I have 14 + years of sales experience;  Corporate Express/ Staples, and  1St Source.  

    Educational background?

    • I attended TIL in Tunica, MS and graduated from Southaven High School in Southaven, MS.  I also took classes at Northwest Mississippi Community College, in Southaven, MS.   

    Family background?

    • I’m the middle child of five children and the only girl/ tomboy I should say! Ha-ha  I have two children, my oldest, John (30), graduated with MBA from Delta State University,  and my daughter Shelbie (29) attended Northwest Community College.  No grandchildren at this time, but a grand-dog, Ms. Dixie(16 Years young and very spoiled!).  

    Favorite hobbies?

    • My hobbies include, Shopping….Shopping….. and more Shopping! I love some beach time, bird watching and lots of time spent with family / church family. 

    Interesting Fact About Me: 

    • I never realized how much I loved selling until we had “spiff day” in our customer service department.  I won most all of them!!! …. So my teammates refused to continue participating. Due to this, my manager insisted I take a sales position in the company.  The rest is history.  

  • Why you like working for 1st Source, and what you think makes us different from our competitors.  

    • The reason I love working for 1st Source, I can honestly say, I could not asked to be with a better group of people. My co-workers and boss are the very best and I’m truly blessed to be a part of this growing company. I’m very passionate about my job and I love my customers. One thing I’ve learned, life is too short to be somewhere that you’re not completely happy and making a difference. And that’s what we’re doing here at 1st Source Business Supplies, Making a Difference!

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