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Disinfect or Sanitize? COVID-19 Prevention

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Most people have shopped for a Cleaner or Disinfectant of some sort. When you look online or go to the store you’re overwhelmed with hundreds of products with varying terms and slang that only seem to confuse you, we have all been there..

To help you understand this better the visual below is a simple breakdown of the 4 basic terms you should understand as a consumer.

You probably have seen the terms Sanitizer & Disinfectant a multitude of times on products, especially in recent months with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The real question is, which one is necessary to use?

Lets Talk COVID-19 or “Coronavirus”

What Exactly is Coronavirus?

Take a look at this video published by John Hopkins Medical on what we know about the Coronavirus so far.

To sum it up, coronavirus is a respiratory virus, respiratory viruses are known to be spread by large droplets that come from people sneezing or coughing These droplets land on surfaces and can be easily transmitted to other surfaces through touch.

Now let's go back to our illustration, which one do I need? When comes to surfaces, the overwhelming answer is a Disinfectant. However, a cleaner my also be necessary if the surface is dirty or soiled. Use a cleaner first, if the surface is soiled, then make sure to disinfect to kill the potential fungi, bacteria, or viruses on the surfaces.

What Products do I Use?

We are glad you asked. We put together a COVID-19 Resources & Products page to make the buying process easier. All of our products are either FDA approved and/or EPA Registered.

To help you even further, please refer to this article posted by the CDC on their most up to date prevention methods & what certifications to look for in products.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help!

-1st Source Business Supplies


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